David Garrett buys violin for 3.5 million euros: “Lifelong dream fulfilled”

David Garrett fulfills a lifelong dream: a violin for 3.5 million euros

David Garrett on stage at the Castle Festival in Regensburg in summer 2022

© Jens Niering

David Garrett has fulfilled a lifelong dream. He bought a rare violin made by the Italian luthier Guarneri del Gesù. Cost: 3.5 million euros. To raise this money, the star violinist had to sell a property.

Star violinist David Garrett gave himself a special present for his 42nd birthday: He bought a rare violin by the Italian violin maker Guarneri del Gesu, as the musician told the “Bild-Zeitung”: “I’ve fulfilled a lifelong dream with it.”

He bought the instrument from 1736 at a Paris auction house for 3.5 million euros. “For the sum, I’ll have to part with one of my properties and sell an apartment in New York. But this violin is worth it to me!” A violin by the Italian instrument maker is unique in terms of sound quality – “a real myth”. There are only about 150 to 200 copies worldwide.

David Garrett: “Like winning the lottery”

A del Gesu violin is sometimes sold for up to 14 million euros, Garrett said. “Being awarded the contract was like winning the lottery for me.” He took part in the auction from a Frankfurt hotel. The reception was so bad that he went into the courtyard to make a call. “I’ve never felt so glamorous next to trash cans and leftover food,” he said.

Garrett began playing the violin at the age of four and was hailed as a child prodigy early in his career. He received his first record deal at the age of twelve. On September 4, the musician turned 42 years old.


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