Daniela Büchner: Farewell to “Goodbye Germany!”

Daniela Büchner
Farewell to “Goodbye Germany!”

Daniela Büchner is currently no longer part of “Goodbye Germany! The Emigrants”.

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Daniela Büchner has retired from the VOX documentary soap “Goodbye Deutschland!” adopted. She has not yet revealed the reasons for her exit.

Over and over: The reality TV star Daniela Büchner (46) will no longer be seen in the popular VOX documentary soap series “Goodbye Germany! The Emigrants”. The widow of Jens Büchner (1969-2018) announced this on Wednesday evening, February 28th. announced in one of her Instagram stories. She hasn’t been part of the series for a long time, which now also raised questions among her fans. One of her followers wanted to know when she would be there again. The sobering answer: “Unfortunately, we will no longer be featured on ‘Goodbye Germany!’ in the future. see.”

Sometimes you have to make changes in life. But she is happy about the great past years and the show will always remain a part of her. The 46-year-old did not comment on the exact reasons for her departure. However, it is a farewell “maybe not forever, but for now”. She would “possibly” want to tell you more soon about “why, wherefore and how” this came about.

Daniela “Danni” Büchner was thanks to “Goodbye Germany!” known. In June 2015 she met and fell in love with Mallorca party singer Jens Büchner in Delmenhorst, who was already accompanied by a VOX team back then. A few months later she followed her love with her three children to the Balearic Island and has since then also become an integral part of “Goodbye Germany!”.

Daniela Büchner was also in the jungle camp and in the “Celebrity Big Brother” container

The birth of her twins, her subsequent wedding, the opening of her café Faneteria and Büchner’s cancer were also discussed and accompanied in the program. In 2018 she took part in “The Summer House of the Stars – Battle of the Celebrity Couples” with her husband, and Büchner died of lung cancer in November of the same year. In 2020, Danni Büchner moved to the jungle camp and in 2021 to the “Celebrity Big Brother” container. At the same time, she was also repeatedly in “Goodbye Germany!” to see.


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