Dangerous Android apps detected on millions of phones

While the Google Play Store is considered a safe source to install Android apps and games, there are still incidents where malicious apps are only discovered after millions of downloads. It’s happened again now.

Dangerous Android apps in Google Play Store

It is always recommended that you should not install apps and games from unknown sources. The Google Play Store is the only safe source for content. That’s true, but even there, with the huge selection of apps and games, there are always cases where dangerous apps are not discovered and removed in time. That’s exactly what happened again. The app installed over 1 million times TubeBox is not dangerous for your mobile phone, but it cheats you (source: dr Web).

The TubeBox Android app aims to reward you for watching ads. But you are never rewarded for it, even though you have done everything right. Claiming the reward always fails, so you end up wasting time without getting anything in return. This is exactly why the app has now been removed from the Play Store. If you have them installed or use them, you should delete instantly.

It gets a bit more dangerous with the following apps malware:

  • Bluetooth device auto connect (bt autoconnect group) with 1 million downloads
  • Bluetooth & Wi-Fi & USB driver (simple things for everyone) with 100,000 downloads
  • Volume, Music Equalizer (bt autoconnect group) with 50,000 downloads
  • Fast Cleaner & Cooling Master (Hippo VPN LLC) with 500 downloads

In these cases, your smartphones are used in the background for a wide variety of things. For example, websites are secretly opened in order to receive advertisement calls. With the latter, a proxy server can even be created on the smartphone and misused for various things. All of this can have a negative impact on the security and battery life of your smartphone. If you have installed one of the apps, you must delete them immediately. Google has already done this in the Play Store (source: bleeding computer).

This is malware:

Again and again dangerous apps in the Google Play Store

Time and again, dangerous Android apps end up in the Google Play Store. 85 pieces were recently discovered. The attackers manage to trick the protective measures with new tricks and are sometimes only discovered after millions of downloads. If you have one of the apps installed, you have to remove it yourself. Google can’t do that for you.

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