Danger of explosion: Ammunition makes it difficult to extinguish a forest fire near Jüterbog

risk of explosion
Ammunition makes it difficult to extinguish a forest fire near Jüterbog

Firefighters are deployed next to a fire-fighting helicopter in a forest near Jüterbog. photo

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There has been a fire in the forest near Jüterbog since the end of May. Villages are not in danger – but the flames are still raging. An easing of the situation is not in sight.

The situation with the forest fire near Jüterbog south of Berlin remains tense. On Saturday, emergency services continued to try to limit the fire on the ammunition-loaded former military training area. To do this, they have created lanes. Strong winds had fanned the flames again and again in the past few days. According to the operations management of the Teltow-Fläming district, the fire area of ​​718 hectares has not spread further since last night. The burn area includes burned areas as well as currently burning areas.

Due to the ammunition load in certain areas, the firefighters can only extinguish the fire from specially created paths that are constantly watered. There is a risk of explosion on the former military training area. On Saturday, two Bundeswehr helicopters and one Federal Police helicopter are supporting the firefighting work from the air.

Northeast and southwest of the area, two ammunition-loaded areas would be closely monitored, said the spokesman for the operations center, Silvio Ramlow, the German Press Agency. “There are no explosions at the moment.” Localities are still not threatened. Ten hectares have been added in an area towards Frankenförde in the municipality of Nuthe-Urstromtal.

There has been a fire in the area since May 31st. On Friday, when the major damage situation was announced, the district took over the management of the operation. This makes it possible to ask emergency services from other areas for support because your own forces cannot cope with the situation on your own. The city of Jüterbog had previously managed the operation. According to the operations management, localities are still not threatened. The state’s forest fire protection officer, Raimund Engel, did not rule out that the fire could spread because of the high temperatures and the wind.


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