Danger from influenza: General practitioners warn against flu vaccination

Status: 14.09.2021 10:45 a.m.

As autumn approaches, the risk of flu infection also increases. General practitioners warn not only to be vaccinated against corona, but also against the influenza virus – preferably at the same time.

In view of the current corona vaccination campaign, general practitioners have warned against neglecting the flu vaccination and have called for more public support. “The most important thing for the second Corona autumn will be that as many people as possible get vaccinated, not only against the coronavirus, but also against the flu,” said Ulrich Weigeldt, chairman of the German Association of General Practitioners of the “Rheinische Post”.

The influenza vaccination should by no means be forgotten, it also makes a decisive contribution to protecting the population and relieving the burden on the health system. “Everything must therefore be done to ensure that there are no logistical or organizational obstacles in the way of the practices.”

This is also how the chairman of the Standing Vaccination Commission (STIKO), Thomas Mertens, sees it. Against the background that, unlike in the previous year, fewer corona rules are likely to apply this winter, Mertens believes that a flu vaccination is urgently needed. “Given that we had a flu breakdown last season, I would strongly advise that people who are at risk for serious flu should actually get vaccinated right now.”

Criticism of corona warning values

According to the head of the association Weigeldt, it is even desirable that the corona and influenza vaccinations can be administered at the same time as possible. The STIKO has no concerns about this either. There is no evidence that one of the two vaccines no longer works if vaccinated at the same time, explains STIKO chairman Mertens. “In this respect, this precautionary measure of pulling the two vaccinations apart is no longer necessary.”

The general practitioners, on the other hand, criticize the limited view of corona warning values. “I am surprised by the ongoing focus on daily updated incidence or hospitalization figures. Hardly any medical practice would rebalance decisions based on the vaccination rate or incidence value every day – also because these are unfortunately still very imprecise and little about the individual situation on site testify, “said Weigeldt.

6325 new infections within one day

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the seven-day incidence was last at 81.1. The previous day the value was 81.9, a week ago it was 83.8. The health authorities in Germany reported 6,325 new corona infections to the RKI within one day. A week ago the value was 6726 infections. According to the information, 68 further deaths were recorded across Germany within 24 hours.

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