Dachau: Daycare center on the Udldinger Hang should be smaller because of trees – Dachau

The city has slightly revised the initial plans for a residential area on the Udldinger Hang in western Dachau. Two days before a public information event on the controversial project, the administration informed the city councilors in the building and planning committee on Tuesday that there is a “distinctive green area with trees worth preserving” at the point where a day-care center was originally planned. In order to protect the trees, the day care center is to be relocated a few meters to the north.

Accordingly, the two southern structures are also to be shifted by three to four meters to the north. The day-care center should be accessible from both the north and the south. Another change: The revised planning concept envisages a floor space for the day-care center that has been reduced by around 120 square meters. Gertrud Schmidt-Podolsky (CSU) said it was positive that the tree population would be preserved.

The approximately 15,761 square meter property on the Udldinger Hang belongs to the city. In the next few years, this wants to build up to 70 “affordable” rental and owner-occupied apartments and a multi-group day care center for 160 children. In May last year, the city councilors in the building and planning committee voted by a large majority to change the existing development plan.

At the moment there is planning permission for 18 semi-detached houses, 12 terraced houses, 60 above-ground garages and parking spaces as well as 32 public parking spaces. “The aim of the planning is the further development into a future-oriented, sustainable and socially mixed residential area with affordable housing and childcare places,” says a press release from the city.

But not everyone likes the plan. A citizens’ initiative criticizes the plans. The members, including some residents of the previously undeveloped property, fear for the quality of life in the existing quarter. They are bothered by the “density of the planned development” and the fact that a daycare center is to be built there. They fear an increase in traffic and point out that the Udldinger Millipedes daycare center is already nearby.

The meeting of the building and planning committee had to start a few minutes late due to a rush of visitors. About 40 listeners, including some members of the citizens’ initiative, came to find out about the latest developments. On Thursday, February 18, at 6 p.m. in the Thoma-Haus, the city is holding an information evening on the planned residential area on the Udldinger Hang. Mayor Florian Hartmann (SPD) and representatives of the city building office want to talk to the concerned citizens and explain the necessity of the project.

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