Dachau: BR documentary about the last prisoner of the concentration camp – Bavaria

The Pole Mieczysław Charecki was the last person to be registered with a number in the Dachau concentration camp, two days before it was liberated by American soldiers. Two filmmakers have now followed his footsteps through half of Europe.

The voice catcher is standing on the northern slope of a peak in the Vosges, at an altitude of 700 meters, he is holding a microphone into the wind. The view from here stretches far over forests and valleys to the mountain ridges of the landscape in French Alsace. Thomas Muggenthaler captures the sounds at the site of the former Natzweiler-Struthof concentration camp. They, too, says the journalist, tell the story of the Pole Mieczysław Charecki, who must have heard the roaring of the icy wind back in 1944. As the Allies advanced, Charecki was deported to the Neckargartach satellite camp near Heilbronn and later driven on a week-long death march to Dachau. He arrives on April 27, 1945. Charecki is the last Dachau prisoner to be registered with a number: 161,896. Two days later, American troops liberate the approximately 30,000 prisoners still in the camp.

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