Custom: First Lady introduces Christmas decorations to the White House

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First Lady unveils Christmas decorations at the White House

Jill Biden speaks at the unveiling of this year’s White House Christmas theme in the East Room of the President’s Office. photo

© Andrew Harnik/AP/dpa

It shines, sparkles and glitters in the White House: 77 Christmas trees were set up and more than 83,000 Christmas lights were installed. The decoration this year is under the motto “We the People”.

Christmas spirit in the White House: The First Lady of the USA, Jill Biden, presented this year’s Christmas decorations at the government headquarters in Washington. “What we have in common is so much bigger than the things that separate us,” said Jill Biden at the presentation of the holiday decorations.

This year’s decoration has the motto “We the People” (in German: “Wir, das Volk”) – words from the American Constitution. This concept of unity describes the “soul of the nation,” said the First Lady.

According to their office, 77 Christmas trees have been put up and more than 83,000 Christmas lights have been installed. As usual, large wreaths adorn the windows at the front of the government headquarters. As every year, a gingerbread version of the White House was built from dough and icing. More than 150 volunteers from across the country helped decorate the interior and exterior of the government headquarters for a whole week, sources said.


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