Custody dispute on the border between Germany and Denmark – Panorama

custody battle


For the sake of the children?

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Christina Block is now in a relationship with Gerhard Delling. She accuses her ex-husband Stephan Hensel of kidnapping their children.

(Photo: Stephan Wallocha/imago)

The Hamburg heiress Christina Block says her ex-husband Stephan Hensel kidnapped her children to Denmark. He accuses her of abuse. About a dispute in which the judiciary is also stretched to its limits.


Kai Strittmatter, Hamburg, Gråsten

On the last weekend in August in 2021, when the then ten-year-old Klara and seven-year-old Theo did not come home, the former spouses Christina Block and Stephan Hensel had been divorced for three years. Until this summer, their four children had lived with their mother in the Klein-Borstel district of Hamburg.

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