Culinary South Africa: New Love for Ancient Plants – Travel

Bacon tree, veldkol, dune spinach: In and around Cape Town, chefs and farmers are discovering just how good their native wild plants taste. However, if you want to try them, you have to leave the tourist paths.

Ice cream with seaweed, wild rosemary and pieces of succulents? Anyone who says bah right away should give it a lick. To do this, however, you have to leave touristy Cape Town and go to the Observatory. Tapi Tapi has opened an ice cream parlor in this part of the city where artists and students live next door to the descendants of former working-class families in small Victorian houses. The mid-thirties from Zimbabwe stretched a corrugated plastic roof over the narrow passage between two houses, set up a few wooden benches and bought an ice chest. He presents seven varieties in stainless steel containers. As soon as one is sold out, Tapi Tapi stirs up a new mix.

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