Cuisine, decoration and real estate… The chain’s new products do justice to its fundamentals

The re-entries follow one another and are similar for M6. This year again, the chain will be able to count on its historic brands such as Top chef (which will have to do without Michel Sarran), The best pastry chef (who will celebrate his tenth birthday) or Beijing Express (which is currently filming). However, a few new features will punctuate the program schedule over the coming months. All play on the same niche: proximity.

“It is specific to M6 to offer this typology of programs where we talk about daily issues that are very strong for people. It really allows them to project themselves ”, announced this Tuesday Guillaume Charles, director general of the programs of the chain, within the framework of a press conference. Among the novelties, three recurring programs will soon be aired in prime time and will address themes dear to M6 such as cooking, decoration and real estate.

Long live the certified copy with Snack Masters

The kitchen and M6, it’s a love story that lasts. The channel will continue to keep the flame alive this year with a particular program that does not make taste the most important criteria. In Snack Masters, two chefs will have the mission of reproducing identically the major consumer products that everyone knows and that we are more used to seeing during advertising pages than within M6 programs.

A Domino’s pizza, a KFC burger, a Snickers bar, all examples that have fueled the three seasons of the original British format. In addition to being good, the dishes concocted by the chefs should be as faithful to the original as possible. To achieve these goals, the two competitors will have between three and five days to try the recipe at home and will have to reproduce it in front of a jury in about two hours.

“At the same time, we will also allow the public to go into the manufacturing secrets of the original product and to visit factories that fascinate people to try to understand how it is made in real life”, specifies Guillaume Charles . For the moment, no name of chef participating in Snack Masters has not been communicated.

Better at home with Renovation mission

Who says new program says new face. This season, M6 welcomes Laurent Jacquet, a YouTuber specializing in renovation, works and construction. In Renovation mission, the videographer will come to the aid of families who have been overtaken by the work. “We are convinced that there is a renovation boom. A lot of people want to do their own house, to renovate themselves, but sometimes things don’t go well, ”comments the general manager of M6.

The pressure must weigh heavily on Laurent Jacquet’s shoulders since the channel sees in him a future “reference in television because he will help families, take stock of everything that has not been well manufactured, take back control. a site they wanted to do themselves. “

The choice of a life with Change everything or move

After cooking and renovating, it will be time to make way for real estate… coupled with decoration! The concept of Change everything or move hardly needs any explanations: in this program, a family will be offered the possibility of moving thanks to the real estate agent Antoine Blandin or of changing the decor of their house thanks to the interior designer Sophie Ferjani. “All arbitrated by Mr. Stéphane Plaza”, specifies the chain.

With these two proposals on the table, the family will have to make a choice: call on a decoration expert or a real estate expert? Only one episode has so far been filmed but other numbers should soon be put in the box.

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