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Status: 11.09.2021 5:51 p.m.

After the taunts from the CSU, Union Chancellor candidate Laschet convinced the delegates with his speech at the CSU party congress. The CSU leaders have to back off if they want to win the election.

A comment by Kirsten Girschick, ARD capital studio

It is the “last chance to turn the trend around”: Markus Söder had set the bar high for the weekend. The trend reversal should succeed with a triad – a CSU party congress in combat mode, a strong speech by Armin Laschet and a good appearance at the Triell von ARD and ZDF on Sunday. As a precaution, Söder is thus shifting the burden of responsibility for the turnaround onto Armin Laschet’s shoulders.

The candidate for chancellor delivered today. With a really good, combative speech for his standards. With anti-left rhetoric, attacks on political competitors and a very clear focus on internal security, he caressed the soul of the CSU delegates, almost gave a CSU speech. He has put in election calls for the CSU – for example against the Free Voters. Laschet shows himself not only as a team player, but also as an understanding of Bayern. The delegates thank – and hook him.

Laschet’s speech convinced the CSU party congress

The beginning of the jubilee event may have been staged, but the applause during the speech and the standing ovations at the end seem honest. Perhaps it is also a signal to their own party leadership – to the chairman and the general secretary, who both poked against Laschet last week.

Only unanimous support for the candidate can now save the Union from a debacle on election evening. Söder would have to ensure that the CDU and CSU conduct an election campaign in the remaining two weeks that lives up to the name Union. If that does not succeed, he could not blame a possible defeat on the CDU candidate Laschet alone.

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