Criticized, Minister Dupond-Moretti announces recruitment of magistrates

Good news for the Nantes territory and for the professionals working at the courthouse. The Keeper of the Seals Eric Dupond-Moretti announced Tuesday, during a speech at the National Assembly, the creation of six new magistrate posts in Nantes. Two arrived in January, the other four are expected for “September”. This reinforcement, which will only cover part of the needs, is in addition to the upcoming recruitment of 12 legal assistants in Pays-de-la-Loire, including four assigned to the Nantes court.

In 2022, five magistrate positions had been created, while the workforce of the “clerk’s office increased by 5%, i.e. double the national increase”, affirmed, moreover, in the hemicycle, Eric Dupond -Moretti.

Letter from the mayor and parliamentarians

The lack of staff at the Nantes court, the lack of magistrates in particular, is regularly denounced by the unions and Nantes professionals themselves. File processing times are sometimes extremely long and many hearings are postponed for lack of resources. “We are understaffed among the understaffed,” was alarmed Franck Bielitzki, the president of the Nantes court, a year ago.

Last week, a letter co-signed by the mayor of Nantes, Johanna Rolland (PS), and three parliamentarians from different political parties (Laurence Garnier LR, Mounir Belhamiti Renaissance and Ronan Dantec ESNT), called on the Ministry of Justice to “take into take into account the emergency situation of the Nantes court” by granting additional means to “the whole of the judicial chain”. “Current means of justice in Nantes do not appear to be adapted either to the demographic evolution, or to those of the forms of delinquency and criminality which have developed there”, expressed the signatories.

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