Criticism: Rapper Ebow in the Milla – Munich

She is particularly excited at her Munich concerts, says the German rapper Ebow, who grew up here in the West End as the daughter of Kurdish immigrants. Because his own family always comes to the Munich concerts, explains Ebow, who has long since moved from Berlin solo and with the Gaddafi girls causes a sensation, in which Milla her excitement. In fact, her mother and cousins ​​are also celebrating an engagement and a birthday during Ebow’s performance. Even Ebow’s cousin Eren Kılıç alias KCEO raps in the opening act, who is not only celebrated by his own family.

While he uses the opportunity to assert himself as a rapper in front of his famous cousin’s large audience, the cousin later often switches between record releases and family celebrations in his own show. Nevertheless, she succeeds in making the declaration of war that also inspires her new album “Canê”. Accompanied only by DJ Nas Tea, who is also the background vocalist here, the rapper with a Kurdish background demands the liberation of her people in the very first song “Dersim62”. According to the title, which gives the Turkish province of Tunceli its old name, Dersim, which is now politicized there, these are initially Kurds. The year 62 also marks the flight of the Kurdish grandparents to Germany. But of course Ebow wants to liberate a lot more “my people” by asserting themselves in a rap culture that is particularly dominated by men and by spitting at the model machos of this genre: “You are all jokes, your rap biz is slapstick.”

Nevertheless, she explains why such rap biz always flaunts the material achievements of a capitalist society: “If you grow up in a society that always sees you as a second-class person, always looking down, then your only option is to be on the same to stand at eye level, to impress them.” But Ebow himself also impresses in this concert with acumen and the ability to make the revolution danceable.

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