Cristiano Ronaldo opens the door to replace Mbappé with Messi!

And if Cristiano Ronaldo was coming to accompany Lionel Messi in the near future? The possibility is not to be ruled out if we are to believe … CR7 itself. In the interview he gave to Piers Morgan, the Portuguese answered the question of whether an arrival at PSG could be a possibility in the event of Kylian Mbappé’s departure. “Anything is possible in football. Why not? I do not know. Of course, they would sell a lot of jerseys. »

Messi was furious this summer!

The prospect of associating Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo would, it is true, be quite promising in terms of impact. In recent hours, however, we have also learned that Messi’s Parisian adventure could have ended as early as last summer. The Pulga has indeed really considered packing its bags after only one season according to the team, as we mentioned yesterday.

According to information from the daily, Lionel Messi mounted pressure around the summer. The penaltygate between Mbappé and Neymar annoyed him, he who supports the Brazilian. A Messi also surprised that his name is never mentioned to take these famous penalties. Very upset, as a bonus, to have to leave during the match several times (Monaco, Juventus), Messi saw his frustration rise to the point that at the end of the summer, his father and agent would have started discussions with the Inter-Miami! A situation which nevertheless seems to have returned to normal since.

to summarize

While revelations from the team evoke a furious Messi this summer to the point of considering a departure, Cristiano Ronaldo is considering a Parisian future. The Portuguese star, in the interview granted to Piers Morgan, takes stock frankly.

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