Crime Statistics 2021: Less intimate partner violence

Status: 11/24/2022 12:27 p.m

The number of reported acts of violence among couples and ex-partners has fallen slightly in the past year. As in previous years, according to the Federal Criminal Police Office, the victims are mostly women.

According to current statistics from the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) on partner violence, the authorities registered 143,016 cases nationwide in 2021 in which a current or former partner used violence – or attempted to do so. This corresponds to a slight decrease of 2.5 percent compared to the first Corona year 2020.

As can be seen from the data, a total of 143,604 victims were affected in the cases mentioned – a decrease of three percent compared to the previous year. However, since some reported cases relate to several acts and the same victims, no exact number of victims can be named according to the BKA.

Faeser: Numbers only show bright field

However, Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser pointed out that the overall trend was different: in the years leading up to 2021, the number of victims had grown steadily, the SPD politician explained. The numbers recorded in the statistics would only show the so-called bright field, i.e. the number of cases reported. The dark field is much larger, according to Faeser.

80.3 percent of those affected by intimate partner violence were women last year. Federal Family Minister Lisa Paus stated that it can be assumed that two thirds of the female victims do not go to the police.

Almost 60 percent of cases are simple assault

Most of the cases involved intentional simple bodily harm (59.6 percent). Every fourth registered case relates to threats, stalking and coercion. The BKA data refer to cases in which the investigations were completed in 2021. The act itself may have been committed earlier.

The number of victims in completed murder and manslaughter was 121, of which 109 were female and 12 male. There were also four cases of bodily harm resulting in death from intimate partner violence in women and two cases in men. This means that 113 women and 14 men have become victims of partnership violence with a fatal outcome.

Almost 80 percent of the suspects are male

As in previous years, the majority of violence in partnerships is still caused by men: in 2021 the proportion was 78.8 percent. However, there was a slight increase in female suspects – to 21.2 percent. In 2020, the value was still 20.6 percent.

Around every fourth suspected man was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the crime, and around every fifth woman. Two out of three domestic violence suspects were German nationals. Among the non-German suspects, Turkish nationals were the most common with a share of 5.4 percent.

Slight increase in online crimes

The number of crimes committed on the Internet has increased slightly: for example, the proportion of threats to partners or ex-partners on the Internet was 6.6 percent in 2021 – in 2020 it was 4.8 percent.

The police also attribute this to the effects of the law on combating right-wing extremism and hate crime. The law, which came into force in 2021, stipulates, among other things, that threats and insults on the Internet must be reported to the BKA by the providers of social networks.

International Day against Violence against Women

Domestic violence includes all forms of physical, sexual and psychological violence in the family or community.

The International Day against Violence against Women, which the United Nations set for November 25 each year in 1999, is celebrated on Friday.

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