Crime scene today from Cologne: The bloody dream of another life

“Tatort” repeat from Cologne
The bloody dream of another life

Scene from the Cologne “crime scene”: Adrian Tarrach (Rick Okon, left) dreams of a future together with Laura (Ruby O. Fee, right). He takes almost every risk to do so.

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This “crime scene” rerun comes as a violent romance: A couple in love, united in their desire to break out, leaves a bloody trail through the country. A furious homage to “Natural Born Killers”.

What is this “crime scene” about?

This time, the perpetrator is clear at the beginning: Adrian Tarrach (Rick Okon, r.) stabs his girlfriend Laura’s (Ruby O. Fee) stepfather in his villa – because he is said to have sexually molested the 17-year-old. The couple flees to the Cologne airport hotel in order to leave the country by plane. Before that, however, Adrian has to get money – and kills another person in the process. Since the Cologne murder commission is now looking for them, the flight by plane is blocked. The couple tries to escape by car. On her increasingly hopeless journey, Laura finally learns about the eroticism of the gun.

Why is the “crime scene” worthwhile?

Because this film tells a fascinating story about a couple that is rarely seen on German television. Laura, 17, a notorious liar from a good family who doesn’t know what to do with her wealth and longs for real love. And Adrian, 24, who lives in a high-rise ghetto with his sick mother and dreams of a different life. As Freddy Schenk puts it, both together result in a “dangerous mixture”. Because her lies and his dreams trigger a fatal spiral of violence.

What bothers?

This “crime scene” episode doesn’t manage to keep up the pace and excitement for 90 minutes. The last third has some lengths. When the viewer already suspects the end, he still has to survive for some time until the finale. However, this criticism is whining on a high level.

The commissioners?

Another surprise: while the Cologne investigators Ballauf and Schenk are more reminiscent of an old married couple than commissioners in many episodes and push themselves uncomfortably to the fore with their constant bickering, this time they are pleasantly holding back and just going about their work. This is obviously good for the case.

Turn on or off?

Be sure to turn it on. A “crime scene” that deviates from the usual “Where were you on Monday evening?” paths is still the exception and deserves a lot of viewers. And a German version of Quentin Tarantino’s violent satire “Natural Born Killers” was overdue. Above all, however, Ruby O. Fee in the role of the spoiled wealth brat is definitely worth seeing.

“Tatort: ​​Kartenhaus” first ran on February 28, 2016. ARD repeated the case on Friday, April 22, at 10:15 p.m.

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