Crime: Family and friends say goodbye to the dead Luise

Family and friends say goodbye to the dead Luise

Relatives of the dead twelve-year-old Luise from Freudenberg bid farewell to the girl at a funeral service. photo

© Federico Gambarini/dpa

In a small funeral service, relatives and close friends of the dead Luise from Freudenberg say goodbye again. Your school opens the auditorium for a joint commemoration.

Relatives and friends of the dead Luise from Freudenberg said goodbye to the twelve-year-old girl with a moving funeral service. “We all have an unspeakably heavy heart now,” said parish priest Thomas Ijewski in the city’s evangelical church.

“She had a wonderful life for twelve years. Your Liese was often filled with irrepressible joy, you will remember her loud and funky.”

Audio transmission of the service in the school

Only the family and close companions had come together in the rather small church, outside the police shielded the area extensively. Classmates met at the same time in the auditorium of their school and in the schoolyard. An audio broadcast of the service could be heard there. Many Freudenberger citizens had also come there.

Luise’s death changed everything for her family and friends. “We would have loved to have accompanied them into the future, would have been excited about class trips, their first boyfriend, their choice of career and maybe starting a family. All of that is over now before it even started.”

The violent death of the twelve-year-old on March 11 shocked many people in Freudenberg near Siegen. Two 12 and 13 year old girls confessed to having killed Luise with numerous knife wounds. According to the investigating authorities, the three knew each other.


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