Crime ending after 60 minutes? End credits in the middle of the Kiel “crime scene”

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“Tatort” exit despite an unsolved case? ARD viewers are surprised because in the current criminal case involving the Kiel team Borowski and Sahin, the credits roll after about an hour.

In the current “Tatort” (March 3, 2024), Chief Inspector Klaus Borowski (Axel Milberg, 67) and Inspector Mila Sahin (Almila Bagriacik, 33) are dealing with a particularly tricky case: in “Borowski and the Revenant”, an unfaithful person disappears Husband without a trace – and that after he had previously planned the murder of his own wife with an online acquaintance. While the ARD viewers accompany the popular detectives on the case, the end credits suddenly appear after just sixty minutes.

“That’s it. Closing time.” – “Tatort” ends abruptly for a short time

After 20 years, Axel Milberg is saying goodbye to his role as “Tatort” detective – but fans can still look forward to a few criminal cases with the actor, as the final film “Tatort: ​​Borowski and the Head of Medusa” is not expected to be broadcast until 2025 .

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Borowski’s new case is captivating because: It leads him to the Exners, a very special family. And he has to find out with Sahin what the missing husband Tobias is all about. But the Kiel “Tatort” team can’t solve the case so quickly – they’re really desperate.

In the witness room, Sahin racks his brains and asks Bourne disappointedly: “Was that it?” He answers briefly: “Yep, it’s over”. Sahin can’t believe they’re leaving the case unsolved and leaves the room. Borowski packs up his things, looks at the camera in the witness room and turns it off. “That’s it. Closing time.” And when the camera is switched off, the “Tatort” credits appear for the viewer.

Departures from the “crime scene” investigators

There has been an increasing number of “crime scene” investigators leaving ARD recently. First Miroslav Nemec (69) and Udo Wachtveitl (65) announced that they were saying goodbye to the Munich team, then the Göttingen investigators (played by Maria Furtwängler, 57 and Florence Kasumba, 47) dealt with their last criminal case and finally Rick Okon ( 34) turned his back on the Dortmund “crime scene”.

End credits as a joke? ARD viewers are irritated

“Guys, am I scared now and wanted to say, credits already?!” said a confused viewer on the platform X (formerly Twitter). Another agrees: “Now I was confused for a moment.” Or: “That was just funny. I really just thought the ‘crime scene’ was over.” And “Huh??? I thought the end credits thing was really funny.” On Facebook, a user commented: “I just looked at the clock in shock when the end credits rolled.”

The interim “Tatort” credits seem to have been received more well than badly by ARD viewers. Even though many were briefly confused, they found the director’s idea very funny. A successful return to the popular crime film series for viewers – in the previous week, fans had to do without because no “crime scene” was shown. Sources used: ARD “Tatort: ​​Borowski and the Revenant” (March 3, 2024)

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