Crime: Death of a child – After the arrest, the search for why follows

Child’s death – After the arrest, the search for why follows

The six-year-old was found at this point in Pragsdorf with serious stab wounds. photo

© Bernd Wüstneck/dpa

A 14-year-old from the same village was arrested following the violent death of a six-year-old. So far he has remained silent. That doesn’t make the search for the motif any easier.

After Investigators are now looking for the motive for the crime after arresting a suspect in the case of the killed six-year-old Joel in Pragsdorf near Neubrandenburg.

The 14-year-old suspect remained silent after his arrest on Tuesday, as the police in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania reported. When he was brought before the magistrate, as before, he did not provide any information on the advice of his lawyer.

DNA test confirms suspicion

Little Joel was found seriously injured in the bushes at a football field on the outskirts of Pragsdorf on the evening of September 14th and died shortly afterwards. The 14-year-old German from the village came into the focus of investigators early on.

He was the last person to be with Joel before his death and he later became entangled in contradictions. A DNA test confirmed suspicions against him. The alleged perpetrator had previously been noticed for his aggressive behavior towards children in the area.

For the police, the operation in Pragsdorf is not yet over. “We will have an increased presence in the village,” said Police Chief Thomas Dabel. They want to help calm things down. School psychologists are to be deployed at the suspected perpetrator’s school in Friedland. To solve the question of why the crime happened, it was said that it was hoped that the suspect would say something after all.


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