Court of Auditors – EU financial pots too complex – Economy

The European Court of Auditors calls for a simplification of the EU financial pots and fewer instruments outside the normal budget. In the past 15 years, new special pots have been created due to various crises, all in all a complex patchwork, the Court of Auditors explained on Wednesday. Some of them are not controlled by the European Parliament. The multi-year EU budget, currently for the years 2021 to 2027, is still the focus. However, the new financing instruments have multiplied. These must now be consolidated. Simplification and more transparency are needed, said Francois-Roger Cazala from the European Court of Auditors. Special pots were created above all when things had to be done quickly and no funds were provided for the corresponding crisis in the normal budget. The best example is the sovereign debt crisis in Greece from 2010. Depending on the crisis, very different instruments were also used, which made it increasingly complex.

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