Court negotiates failed mask deal – Bavaria

On Thursday, the Munich I district court dealt with a failed mask deal by the Bavarian state government at the beginning of the corona pandemic. It is about the sum of 1.5 million euros, as a court spokeswoman confirmed.

An entrepreneur from Lower Franconia sued the Free State for this high sum because a planned deal with FFP2 masks did not come about after all. “The plaintiff claims that they trusted in the conclusion of a contract that had been negotiated almost to the end and therefore made financial advance payments,” said the court spokeswoman. “The Free State of Bavaria did not sign the contract without a reasonable, understandable reason.”

The Free State rejects this representation according to the court. Back then, in April 2020, the mask prices had already fallen sharply, which is why the Free State “simply decided on a cheaper offer”. From a state perspective, this is a reasonable reason to withdraw from the planned deal. The court must now decide whether it sees it the same way. Three witnesses should be heard at the trial and a date for the pronouncement should be set at the end.

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