Country doctor wanted – Bavaria –

This year, too, those interested in studying medicine can apply via the country doctor quota in Bavaria. The state government wants to counteract a shortage of doctors in rural areas. “With the country doctor quota, we offer young people without a high school diploma, but with the personal special aptitude for general practitioner work, the opportunity to study medicine,” said Health Minister Klaus Holetschek (CSU) according to a statement on Friday. The interest in the model is high – almost 1,500 young people have applied so far, 327 are now studying medicine through the quota. The first graduates of the program could start their work in 2031. The application portal will open again on February 1st.

“Not least, the Corona pandemic has made it clear to us that we need more young doctors who are enthusiastic about the indispensable profession of general practitioner and want to practice it where they are particularly needed: in rural areas ” added Holetschek. According to the ministry, the country doctor quota was introduced in 2020. Participants in the program undertake to work as a family doctor for at least ten years later in a region that lacks medical care or is threatened by a lack of care.

A year later, the quota for the public health service (ÖGD quota) followed in the Free State. According to the same principle, up to one percent of medical study places are reserved for young people who undertake to work in the public health service – i.e. in health authorities – for at least ten years after completing their studies. According to Holetschek, the past almost three years of the pandemic in particular have “clarified how important an efficient public health service is for our society”. Thanks to the ÖGD quota, a total of 33 young people have now started their medical studies. The first graduates who started their studies in the 2021/2022 winter semester are expected to start working in 2029.

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