Counterterrorism: Somalia wants to ban Tiktok and Telegram

Counter Terrorism
Somalia wants to ban Tiktok and Telegram

A person opens the Tiktok app. photo

© Marijan Murat/German Press Agency GmbH/dpa

Social media is used by many not only for entertainment, but also for political purposes. In Somalia, a terrorist militia uses social media to spread propaganda. The government is now taking action against this.

The Somali government wants the social media platforms Tiktok and Ban Telegram. The Ministry of Telecommunications and Technology is asking all internet providers to block access to the networks from Thursday, according to a statement from the ministry.

The networks were used by the terrorist group Al-Shabaab to spread “immoral and disturbing images,” the ministry said yesterday. Action would be taken against any company that ignores this policy after the deadline, it said.

For years, the Islamist terrorist militia Al-Shabaab has held parts of the country in the Horn of Africa firmly in its hands. In the south in particular, the militia still controls large areas. The government is launching a major offensive against the terrorists.

Al-Shabaab uses multiple social media channels to spread its own propaganda. The group also publishes pictures of killed government soldiers. “The government is determined to fight terrorists on all fronts,” the government said.


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