Coronavirus pandemic: pediatricians criticize vaccinations in schools

Status: 08/19/2021 02:19 a.m.

The professional association of paediatricians has criticized the planned corona vaccinations in schools. There is often peer pressure there. Families could be better advised individually in practices.

The professional association of paediatricians has criticized the plans of several federal states to vaccinate children and adolescents in and around schools against the coronavirus. “The young people are very much under peer pressure in the schools, so that a free and independent decision is difficult,” said the federal spokesman for the association, the pediatrician Jakob Maske, the editorial network Germany.

Mask instead advised vaccination in practices: “Vaccinating your own pediatrician has the advantage that the doctor knows the family and the environment well and can advise parents better on whether the vaccination is useful for the family or not. “

Plans are in progress according to vaccination recommendations for children and adolescents

According to the recommendation of the Standing Vaccination Commission for Corona vaccination of children and adolescents aged twelve and over, special vaccination campaigns for this age group have started or are being planned in several federal states. Mobile vaccination teams are being sent to schools, for example, “family vaccination days” are planned in vaccination centers, leisure facilities or animal parks, and special vaccination routes for children and adolescents are being set up in vaccination centers.

The German Teachers’ Association, on the other hand, welcomed the plans to carry out vaccinations in schools. “Anything that quickly increases safety in schools is good,” said association chief Heinz-Peter Meidinger to the RND. “It is absolutely clear that a high vaccination rate for schoolchildren is probably the most important building block for more health protection in schools during the pandemic and thus ultimately for a speedy return to normal school operations.”

In his own words, he does not share the fear that conflicts could be carried into the schools and that group pressure could be exerted on pupils or their parents who do not want to be vaccinated. There are ways to organize vaccinations in such a way that school operations are hardly affected and the necessary anonymity and voluntariness are absolutely preserved, said Meidinger.

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