Coronation: The Music for the Coronation of Charles III. was highly diverse – culture

After all, the moderators were better prepared this time. While the Queen’s Requiem was exposed to meaningless accompanying chatter, experts, even young companions of Charles, were brought onto the presenter’s couch for the coronation celebrations on ARD. Admittedly, one learned almost nothing about an essential part: the music, which underpinned the entire coronation program in the sense of an emotional framing – only three of 22 titles were shown. For a long time there was no information at all, you could see the guests waiting in silence, surrounded by orchestral music. Typical dialogue between moderator and correspondent on site: “Sven, that’s really crazy, a really big program before the actual coronation service begins. What are the guests offered now?” – Sven: “Yes, it is mainly music that is played.” That’s unmistakable, but which ones?

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