Corona virus in Munich: vaccination centers close – Munich

17 minutes. Then everything was said in the health committee on Thursday, the session over. The reason for this is a brief corona status report by the deputy health officer Susanne Herrmann. The incidence is continuously decreasing. In Munich it is 91.9 and in Bavaria it is 129.8. Of course, the number of unreported cases is still high, but the values ​​are promising. But the number of people who contract the influenza virus is higher than usual, says Herrmann. 248 cases were reported last week. Now one hopes that there will not be a big fall and winter wave after all.

The municipalities only have the order of the federal government to maintain the vaccination centers until the end of the year. In Munich, the vaccination center in the Gasteig will therefore close on December 31st. According to Herrmann, the contact point in the former Sport-Münzinger in the town hall will close on December 30th.

With the abolition of the obligation to isolate, new problems arise. Because, according to Herrmann, the question arises as to how many employees are still needed in the contact tracing team. This tracks the contacts of people who have tested positive for the corona virus. In Nuremberg, the staff have already been cut by a third. Imagine “something similar” in Munich, says Herrmann. But first you want to do more research. “The employees’ fear of losing their jobs is great.”

Another concern: What is the impact of the lifted isolation requirement in the refugee accommodation? So far, there have been separate isolation rooms for the sick. According to the recommendations of the health department, they should now voluntarily isolate themselves. “But that’s difficult with a shared room,” says Herrmann.

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