Corona, Vaccination and Justice: The End of Cosmopolitanism – Culture

Bill Gates gave the world two to three years to recover from Corona in March 2020. One study now expects it to be 57 years before everyone is vaccinated. The consequences: an earth with no-go zones and the end of cosmopolitanism.


Andrian Kreye

Bill Gates lied. Last year in March he sat in one of the video rounds that took place in the vicinity of the ideas festival Ted Conference were gathered together to think about the future of the future. At that time, shortly after the outbreak of the pandemic, it was considered a kind of epidemic indicator because it had warned of the devastating consequences of outbreaks early on. Now the disaster had occurred. There was no vaccine yet. What he said then sounded monstrous nonetheless. It would take two to three years for this planet to be fully habitable again. In March 2020, it was still expected that the situation would be under control again with a six to eight week lockdown.


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