Corona: RKI reports a new daily record with over 81,000 new infections

Corona pandemic
RKI reports a new daily record – more than 81,000 new infections

The number of new coronavirus infections rose sharply again on Thursday

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The number of new infections with the corona virus rose sharply again on Thursday. The Robert Koch Institute registered more than 80,000 on the second day – a new record.

In Germany, the corona numbers reached a new daily high on the second day in a row. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) stated the number of new infections in the past 24 hours on Thursday morning as 81,417. The previous record was 80,430 new infections the day before. A week ago, the health authorities had recorded 64,340 new infections.

The seven-day incidence on Thursday morning was 427.7. The day before it was 407.5. A week ago the incidence was 285.9. On November 29, the RKI reported the previous high of 452.4. The value quantifies the number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants over a period of seven days.

Coronavirus: 316 new deaths reported

In addition, 316 new coronavirus-related deaths were counted on Thursday. According to the latest information from the institute, the health authorities have recorded a total of 7,743,228 cases of infection since the start of the pandemic. The total number of registered corona deaths in Germany rose to 115,051. The institute put the number of people recovered from illness caused by the coronavirus in Germany at around 6,878,100.

In November, the federal and state governments set the so-called hospitalization incidence as the decisive yardstick for tightening the corona measures. This value indicates how many people per 100,000 inhabitants are in hospital within seven days because of a corona infection. According to the latest RKI report from Wednesday, the hospitalization incidence nationwide was 3.13.


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