Corona: Questions and answers on the discussion about vaccination consequences – knowledge


Werner Bartens

Joshua Kimmich, model professional at FC Bayern Munich, confirmed at the weekend that he has not yet been vaccinated against the corona virus. The co-initiator of the “We kick Corona” initiative has been criticized. As a reason for his reluctance, Kimmich has given “a lack of long-term studies”. While spectators in many places are only allowed to enter the stadium according to the 2-G rule, i.e. vaccinated or recovered, the national player potentially endangers teammates and opponents. From a scientific point of view, his doubts have been dispelled, but are repeatedly cited by those who are still reluctant to get vaccinated. Thomas Mertens, chairman of the Standing Vaccination Commission (Stiko), has described Kimmich as “a proven expert in matters of football, but not an expert in matters of vaccination and vaccines”. Even so, his concerns would probably be shared by a number of people. Here’s what recognized vaccine experts say about long-term effects and other aspects of vaccination.

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