Corona pandemic: ++ Restrictions in Denmark end ++

The last corona restrictions in Denmark end today. In contrast, the pandemic situation in parts of the USA remains very tense. Current developments in the live blog.

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Almost 15,000 new infections every day in Mexico

In Mexico, the authorities registered 14,828 new infections within one day. 730 people died after contracting Covid 19. According to official information, a total of 266,150 people died with Covid-19.

However, the authorities admit that the real numbers of infections and deaths are even higher.

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Italy extends the obligation to provide evidence in the education system

Anyone who wants to enter educational institutions in Italy must be proven to have been vaccinated against Covid-19 or recovered from it or have a negative test. This was announced by the government in Rome. The regulation applies to schools, but also to facilities in which, for example, evening or further training courses are held.

The obligation to provide evidence already applies to teachers, and external workers who, for example, work in the school canteen or clean the facilities are now also affected. Those who do not have this proof cannot come to work.

Schoolchildren are excluded from the regulation. At universities, on the other hand, everyone needs proof. The management of the respective facility is always responsible for the controls, as the government announced.

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Biden presents new corona measures

The US government is dissatisfied with the corona vaccination campaign. Around 80 million citizens have not yet been vaccinated. That is why the White House is increasing the pressure. President Biden presented a package of measures that include mandatory vaccination for civil servants.

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Compulsory vaccination for students in LA

The California school district of Los Angeles is introducing mandatory vaccination for all students aged twelve and over. Anyone who does not have a medical or otherwise justified exemption must be fully vaccinated for classroom lessons from January 10, said the school district.

“The vaccinations against Covid-19 are safe and effective. Requiring vaccinated students to be vaccinated is the strongest way to protect our school community,” said Managing Director Megan Reilly. A vaccination is mandatory for employees from mid-October.

The school district is the second largest in the United States. According to its own information, a total of around 640,000 children and young people, from kindergarten to graduation, fall under the jurisdiction of the district. It was not disclosed how many of these children were required to be vaccinated.

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GEW criticizes “bumpy” school start

The chairman of the Education and Science Union (GEW), Maike Finnern, criticized the start of school after the summer vacation. “The start of the new school year was different in the federal states, but the bottom line was that it was bumpy,” said Finnern to the editorial network in Germany. “So far, politicians have essentially failed to provide nationwide uniform and binding guidelines to clarify which measures must be taken in schools in which pandemic situation.”

Teachers, learners and parents are left alone, says Finnern. “The uncertainty among teachers, students and parents is palpable.”

With Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria, the last two federal states will return to school operations in the coming days. Because, according to the Basic Law, education policy is largely the responsibility of the federal states, the corona regulations differ between the individual federal states.

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Corona restrictions end in Denmark

The last corona restrictions in Denmark end today. Covid-19, the disease caused by the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus, is no longer classified as a “socially critical disease”.

At certain major events such as matches in the top Danish football league, a Corona passport no longer has to be presented. Evidence that you have been vaccinated, recovered or tested negative is not required even in the recently reopened discos.

One reason for the final easing is the high vaccination rates, as Health Minister Magnus Heunicke declared at the end of August. To date, more than 83 percent of all people in the country over the age of twelve have been fully vaccinated.

The mask requirement and other corona restrictions have already been gradually reduced in Denmark in the past few months. Most recently, at the beginning of the month, nightlife was allowed to reopen after a year and a half, but initially with the requirement to be able to show a test, vaccination or recovery on the smartphone using a Corona passport. At the same time, this requirement had been lifted for bars, fitness studios and others.

When entering from abroad, however, certain restrictions still apply, depending on the country or region of origin: German travelers who have not been vaccinated or have recovered, for example, have to be tested for Corona after entering the country. Schleswig-Holstein, which borders Denmark, is not affected.

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