Corona in Munich: Police are expecting “walkers” – Munich

It was a sad picture that Melchior Ibing gave in his latest video, which he published on Wednesday lunchtime. The up to now driving force of the campaign “Munich stands up” seemed quite powerless when he canceled his demonstration against the pandemic measures originally announced for Geschwister-Scholl-Platz.

The rally registered for this Wednesday evening had been moved to Theresienwiese by the district administration department (KVR). But Ibing had always rejected it as a meeting place – because, in his opinion, you don’t get enough attention there.

In addition to the canceled rally of “Munich stands up”, a few other demonstrations against the government’s corona policy were registered for the evening. The KVR grouped them all together and sent them to Theresienwiese.

About a hundred demonstrators gather in the evening. They wear masks and keep their distance. The alliance “Children stand up” has set up loudspeakers and spotlights on Matthias-Pschorr-Straße, the axis between Bavaria and Bavariaring.

There was a demonstration on the Theresienwiese – at a distance and with masks.

(Photo: Robert Haas / SZ)

Ibing said to the supporters of his movement in a first version of his video, which was later taken off the Internet: “You can go to the meetings on Theresienwiese if you like. Otherwise you can stay at home, relax today, recharge your batteries . ” That sounded more like “Munich is lying down”, thought numerous members of the group. “The state won in Munich,” summed up one. Several anti-vaccination opponents from the surrounding area announced that they would not come to Munich under these circumstances.

There are actually significantly fewer vaccine opponents than in the previous weeks. In the pedestrian zone, smaller groups of people roam the Kaufingerstrasse – but it is difficult for the police to make out whether they are so-called “strollers” or simply passers-by. It blocks sections again and again, creates chains and makes announcements. Protesters shout “freedom” and “peace” and blow whistles. According to the “Endstation rechts” portal, which reports on right-wing extremism and right-wing populism, Karl-Heinz Statzberger of the right-wing extremist party Third Way is among the demonstrators.

At around 8 p.m., the police broke up the meeting with announcements and began to take down the personal details. Police vans are placed on Marienplatz, Stachus and in almost all side streets. The police are prepared and around 1000 officers are on duty again.

Several videos distributed on Twitter also show a gathering of people in the area of ​​Gärtnerplatz. The police arrested around 20 demonstrators in the adjacent Corneliusstrasse. This is also the case in Ludwigstrasse near the university, several people are arrested. The police reacted immediately and sealed off Ludwigstrasse south of the Altstadtring with strong forces.

Most recently, the protests were contained after the demonstrators broke ground on the streets of the city center shortly before Christmas. “We have to be prepared for these ‘strollers’ to be in the pedestrian zone again,” said police spokesman Andreas Franken in the afternoon, “but we hope that there is less going on.” That’s how it happened.

Around 300 people gather at a counter-demonstration by the alliance “Munich in solidarity”, which takes place on Odeonsplatz. All of them wear masks and sometimes keep very large distances. He also speaks for those who have lost their lives fighting a virus that others are playing down, says a nurse. “Demonstrating is also possible with reason and consideration.” He saw people die – for conspiracy ideologues that is no obstacle to spreading their nonsense. It’s a pathetic minority. “We are reason, we are in solidarity.”

New corona protests in Munich: counter-demonstrators on Odeonsplatz

Counter-demonstrators on Odeonsplatz

(Photo: Robert Haas / SZ)

As a week ago, the demonstration of the newly formed alliance called for people to protest against conspiracy myths, anti-Semitism and the trivialization of the Corona and to take a stand for solidarity. “We don’t want to leave the streets to the hatred and agitation of those who think outside the box,” said Susanne Mesan, an initiator of the alliance. Maximilian Meier, another organizer, said: “We mustn’t look the other way when it comes to violence, subversion fantasies and calls for murder. You have to act!”

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