Corona in Herrsching: breakdown with expired vaccine – Starnberg

In the Herrsching vaccination center, 551 people received a vaccine that should no longer have been injected. Doctor Richard Aulehner explains how this could happen and what it means for those affected.

Interviewed by

Caroline Fries

Krailling: Dr.  Richard Aulehner

Vaccination Center Manager Richard Aulehner.

(Photo: Nila Thiel)

As a doctor, Richard Aulehner knows that mistakes shouldn’t happen. As a person, the 60-year-old family doctor with a practice in Krailling knows that despite all the precautions, they still happen again and again. In the first days of the new year, 551 people in the vaccination center in Herrsching, operated by the Bavarian Red Cross on behalf of the district, received Covid-19 vaccinations with a vaccine that should no longer have been used. How did this happen and what should those affected do now? The medical director of the vaccination center relies on education instead of panic.

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