Corona in Ebersberg: “Incredibly difficult, unprecedented times” – Ebersberg

The Ebersberg clinic is preparing for unprecedented times, says boss Stefan Huber. He fears that he will soon be faced with an impossible task.

Interview by

Johanna Feckl, Ebersberg

When the head of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) Lothar Wieler said last week that around 400 people would die a day of the then current 50,000 new corona infections, the associated video went viral. The RKI reported on Wednesday 66 884 new cases Within a day, RKI boss Wieler is now warning of a fifth wave if there shouldn’t be much change in the willingness to vaccinate and the reduction in contact. What sounds terrible in theory is now becoming more and more popular in reality – also in the Ebersberg district. The head of the district clinic, Stefan Huber, reports in an interview with the SZ about the critical supply situation in the clinic, explains why vaccinated patients in the intensive care unit are by no means an argument against corona protection, and expresses his concern that the clinics may soon be faced with an unsolvable task: patients have to be transferred due to insufficient capacities – but where to?

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