Corona in Bavaria: Who helps children with Long Covid? – Bavaria

They lack the strength for school and sport. They hardly see friends anymore: when children and young people fall ill with Long Covid, it often throws them out of life completely. Bavaria has set up special outpatient clinics across the country. But not all parents find their way there.


Nina Von Hardenberg

When her son fell ill with Corona in March 2022, Soleil Völkl did not give it much thought. A bit of body aches, then a stubborn cold, that’s all the ten-year-old had at the time. The boy was fit, a competitive swimmer. What should it be? During the Easter holidays he felt weak, and then went to school for a few more days. Then his mother had to pick him up. He was nauseous, he had vomited. Little did she know that this was the beginning of Long Covid. And in the months that followed, when the son spent more and more days in bed with nausea and body aches and he was getting worse and worse, the doctors guessed everything from brain tumors to migraines. They didn’t come up with Long Covid.

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