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Bavaria’s coalition argues about opening bars and pubs

Tuesday, July 27th, 9.46 a.m .: After the judgment of the Bavarian Administrative Court, there is a threat of a new dispute between the coalition partners over the opening of bars and pubs on Tuesday in the cabinet (10 a.m.) Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) had already announced on Friday that he was against a full release. He emphasized that the court no longer considers a general closure to be proportionate, but restrictions such as a link to the incidence values ​​or other requirements are expressly permitted. Special regulations for curfew, the serving of alcohol or mandatory seating are therefore conceivable.

In contrast, Economics Minister Hubert Aiwanger (Free Voters) had declared that it was “high time” that bars and pubs were allowed to go about their business again after the long lockdown and serve guests. Openings with proven concepts are responsible and could lead to fewer private meetings taking place in party rooms or in public spaces.

In its last planned cabinet meeting before the summer break, the coalition is once again faced with the difficult task of pouring two very different positions into a common concept. Recently, for example, this had repeatedly caused anger when it came to questions about the mask requirement for schoolchildren.

Mask compulsory again at schools after the summer vacation

Tuesday, July 27, 8:56 a.m .: From the first day of school on September 14th, the Bavarian schoolchildren in the classroom have to wear mouth and nose protection again for the first few weeks. This is to prevent infections from returning travelers, wrote Bavaria’s Minister of Culture Michael Piazolo (Free Voters) in a letter to the legal guardians in Bavaria. The start of school in autumn could be decisive for the rest of the school year. How long the mask requirement should remain in place, he did not say.

At least surgical masks must be worn in secondary schools, in elementary schools “the main thing is that the mouth and nose are covered,” said a ministry spokesman. Fabric masks, for example, are sufficient here.

Piazolo also called for all children to be tested for the coronavirus in a test center, at a test station or in a pharmacy during the last week of the holiday. “Any infection that is detected before school starts increases safety for classmates in the first few days of class and prevents infections and quarantine orders,” explained Piazolo.

The incidence in Bavaria is 13.2

Tuesday, July 27th, 7.17 a.m .: The seven-day incidence in Free State is 13.2, slightly lower than Monday when it was 13.3. With an incidence of 0.0, only the city of Schwabach is considered corona-free. With 63 new infections in the past seven days and a value of 59.5, the Berchtesgadener Land district now leads the incidence table for the Free State, followed by the Dillingen an der Donau district (37.3) and the city of Bamberg (31, 0).

Restaurant Association wants to equate vaccinated and tested people

Monday, July 26th, 4:02 p.m .: The Bavarian Hotel and Restaurant Association (Dehoga) refuses to give preference to those who have been vaccinated over those who have been tested for the coronavirus when accessing the catering trade. “We call for the equality of those who have tested negative with those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered in order to create incentives for voluntary tests and vaccinations,” says a position paper. Dehoga presented this at their hosts’ day in Bamberg on Monday.

Bavaria’s association president Angela Inselkammer criticized Chancellery Minister Helge Braun (CDU) for his suggestion that vaccinated people should also be given precedence in the catering trade. Instead, it needs the “unbreakable promise” that there will be no further closure for the catering establishments. “We will no longer support the closure of the industry,” said Inselkammer.

The gastronomy made a special sacrifice so that the industry could stay open. The city hotel industry continues to have a particularly difficult time – meetings, congresses and trade fairs have torn big holes, said Inselkammer. There is now no longer any need for a lockdown. “We can defend ourselves with the 3 Gs. We have the most sophisticated hygiene concepts in all of Europe,” said Inselkammer. Addressing the industry, she said: “The hygiene concepts must be adhered to.” Anyone who blatantly violates it must be punished.

Incidence in Bavaria rises to 13.3

Monday, July 26th, 6.57 a.m .: The seven-day incidence in the Free State continues to rise. According to the Robert Koch Institute, it was 13.3 on Monday – that’s a jump from the previous day when it was 10.9. However, the value on Friday was already at 12.2. The Neumarkt district in Upper Palatinate and the city of Schwabach are considered corona-free with an incidence of 0.0. With 62 new infections in the past seven days and an incidence value of 58.5, the Berchtesgadener Land district now leads the table for the Free State, followed by the Dillingen an der Donau district (34.2) and the city of Bamberg (32.3) .

For the first time in a good five weeks, the corona incidence in a Bavarian district is again above 50. On Sunday, the Berchtesgadener Land district reported a value of 35.9. The last time the city of Schweinfurt was above the 50 limit was on June 19. Exceeding this does not yet have any direct consequences. Measures only take effect when the incidence thresholds are exceeded on three consecutive days – and then from the day after the next. If the incidence remains above 50, this would mean, among other things, that fewer people are admitted to various events. In addition, a negative corona test would have to be presented again on some occasions – for example, if people from several households are sitting at one table in the catering trade.

Call for testing in Berchtesgadener Land – mask requirement in schools

Sunday, July 24th, 7:56 p.m .: In the district of Berchtesgadener Land, a mask is again mandatory for pupils from the fifth grade onwards. The district exceeded the value over 25 for the third day in a row, as the district office announced on Sunday. There is no mask requirement for elementary schools and special schools. The so-called seven-day incidence in the Berchtesgadener Land district was the highest in Bavaria at 35.9. The district office has therefore expanded the range of tests and called on all citizens to be tested. “With regard to the Delta variant, this request is also directed at vaccinated people,” said the press release.

More holiday offers for children and young people during the summer holidays

Sunday, July 24th, 10:36 am: This year, parents have significantly more holiday care options for their children than in the previous year. The number of applications from new sponsors is increasing every day, as the Bavarian Youth Ring (BJR) announced. So far, more than 600 porters in Bavaria have registered on the holiday portal and offer a variety of activities there, from dancing to singing to trampoline jumping. The activities coordinated by the BJR are carried out by institutions such as youth associations or youth rings in accordance with the Corona rules.

Compared to the previous year, according to the BJR, there should be significantly more sport on offer this year. BJR President Matthias Fack expressed his confidence with a view to the summer holidays: The state government “has recognized that young people need activities and freedom beyond school now more than ever”. Children and adolescents are still particularly suffering from the corona pandemic and its effects, said Fack.

Holetschek calls for vaccinations during the summer holidays

Sunday, July 24th, 8.11 a.m .: Bavaria’s Health Minister Klaus Holetschek (CSU) has called on people in Bavaria to get vaccinated against Corona despite the upcoming summer vacation. “It has never been easier to get a corona vaccination than it is now,” said the CSU politician in a message distributed on Sunday. “Corona is not on vacation, and our vaccination offers are still open to all those who want to be vaccinated during the holidays. This summer is a vaccination summer.”

Holetschek emphasized that those who have their appointment for a second vaccination during the summer holidays should also keep them. This is the only way to have full immune protection against a severe Covid disease. “This is immensely important in view of the advance of the delta variant and the number of infections that has been rising again for a good two weeks.” The pandemic has not yet been overcome, said Holetschek. Travelers should therefore get tested and adhere to the quarantine rules. “In Germany, we must not repeat the mistakes made in summer 2020, and travel must not become a driver of the pandemic again.”


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