Corona aktuell: Giffey calls for 2-G exception for children – politics

SPD country chief Franziska Giffey calls for an exception from the access restriction to vaccinated and convalescent (2G) for children under twelve years in Berlin. “Yesterday’s decision by the Berlin Senate on the 2G option model must be corrected,” said the politician on Twitter. “Children under 12 cannot be vaccinated yet,” argued Giffey. “They and their families are massively disadvantaged when it comes to participating in social life.” A higher vaccination rate must be achieved, but not at the expense of children and their families.

According to a decision by the Senate, supported by the SPD, the Greens and the Left, on Tuesday, operators can decide for themselves in a number of areas whether they allow access to indoor areas such as those who have been vaccinated, recovered and tested (3G) or, for example, by eliminating the mask requirement and with more participants Apply the 2-G rule. The Green parliamentary group in the House of Representatives also demanded exceptions for children and for people who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons. The Berlin House of Representatives will be elected on September 26th, the former Federal Family Minister Giffey is the top candidate of the SPD. (15.09.2021)

Seven-day incidence drops to 77.9

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reports 12 455 new positive tests. That is 1110 fewer than on Wednesday a week ago, when 13,565 new infections were reported. The seven-day incidence drops to 77.9 from 81.1 the previous day. 83 other people died related to the virus. This increases the number of reported deaths within 24 hours to 92,769. In total, more than 4.1 million corona tests have so far been positive in Germany. (15.09.2021)

Stagnation in the number of new infections is no reason to give the all-clear

Despite a stable infection situation in Germany for several days, an expert warns against jumping to conclusions. The Saarbrücken expert for corona forecasts, Thorsten Lehr, does not consider the stagnation of the number of new infections at the end of the fourth wave and a sudden increase in the corona numbers to be possible. “We were able to observe this behavior of the incidence curve almost to the day in the last year,” says Lehr.

A year ago, the incidence fell slightly and remained at a constant, slightly lower level than it is now, before it rose sharply again at the end of September. “With the current vaccination situation and the relaxed contact restrictions, a similar increase can be expected at the end of September and again at the beginning of October,” warned Lehr.

Lehr justified the stagnation in the number of infections with the declining number of travelers returning and the infections they brought in. In addition, the number of infections among schoolchildren rose explosively in many federal states after the summer holidays. Due to the continuous testing and quarantine measures with contact persons, in many places one to two weeks after starting school there is stagnation or even a decrease in the numbers in this age group. (15.09.2021)

Other federal states are about to introduce the 2-G rule

Other federal states are about to introduce 2-G rules. Vaccinated and recovered people, for example in Berlin, can expect further relief. According to information from the German Press Agency, the Senate decided to introduce a 2-G option model: In a number of areas such as gastronomy or at events, the operators can then decide for themselves whether they should only grant access to indoor rooms to vaccinated or convalescent (2 G) or also allow tested (3 G). In the case of 2 G, previous corona restrictions such as distance or mask would no longer apply.

Berlin’s Senator for Economic Affairs Ramona Pop (Greens) had already said: “The 2-G model is central to preventing another lockdown,” she said on Tuesday. “For the event industry and the catering industry, 2 G is a possibility to be able to receive more participants or guests, because distance obligations and upper limits for vaccinated and convalescents can be relaxed significantly.”

In Brandenburg, too, the cabinet will decide on Tuesday whether organizers and operators of facilities should have the option of introducing the 2-G rule. In return, Corona requirements should be dropped.

In Lower Saxony, the 2-G rule should be able to be used in more areas in the future – for example in gastronomy, culture, events or sports. In the previous Corona regulation, operators of discos, clubs and shisha bars can already restrict access to guests who have been vaccinated or have recovered. The new expansion was announced by Prime Minister Stephan Weil (SPD) in the state parliament in Hanover. People up to the age of 18 should therefore be allowed access without a vaccination or recovery, as they regularly test themselves before going to school. Children under the age of twelve cannot yet be vaccinated. The current state corona ordinance is valid until September 22nd. The expansion of the 2-G rule is therefore expected to be implemented in the coming week. (14.09.2021)

Putin goes into self-isolation

A few days before the parliamentary elections in Russia, President Vladimir Putin is going into self-isolation because of several corona cases in his area, according to the Kremlin. Putin himself is absolutely healthy, his spokesman Dmitry Peskov told the agency on Tuesday Interfax according to. The 68-year-old, who was vaccinated with the Sputnik V vaccine, would for example forego face-to-face meetings and only take part in online conferences, the Kremlin announced.

The Kremlin did not provide any information about who is infected with the coronavirus. The Corona case does not affect Putin’s work. But he will not attend any events. The president was expected to remain in quarantine for about a week. The State Duma will be elected from Friday to Sunday. It was expected that Putin would personally cast his vote at a polling station.

The Russian authorities reported 17,800 new corona infections nationwide within 24 hours on Tuesday, significantly fewer than in July. However, the number of deaths is still high: 781 deaths were registered within one day. The number of people vaccinated is still comparatively low. According to the latest official information, 39 million people have received two components of the corona vaccination. That’s 26 percent of the population. (14.09.2021)

Chinese metropolis Xiamen goes into lockdown

After a new coronavirus outbreak, the authorities of the coastal metropolis of Xiamen in southeast China are calling on residents not to leave the city. Major events are being canceled, restaurants and shopping malls are being instructed to reduce the number of visitors. Schools are switching to online teaching.

32 new corona cases were discovered on Monday, bringing the number of infections in Fujian province to more than 100 since last week. The current outbreak originated in the city of Putian, which is northeast of Xiamen. A family man is believed to have brought the virus back from Singapore. The man traveled back to China on Aug. 4, spent 21 days in quarantine and tested negative for the virus nine times. It wasn’t until last Friday that a test was finally positive. Putian has also been in lockdown since the weekend.

The Chinese government is pursuing a “zero covid strategy”. With curfews, mass tests, contact tracing, quarantine and strict entry restrictions, the country has the coronavirus largely under control. Recently there had been an accumulation of local outbreaks of the delta variant, which, however, have so far always been brought back under control with strict measures. (14.09.2021)

Stiko: flu and corona vaccination possible at the same time

The Standing Vaccination Commission (Stiko) has no concerns about the simultaneous administration of a corona and flu vaccination. There is no evidence that either of the two vaccines will no longer work, said Stiko chairman Thomas Mertens. “In this respect, this precautionary measure of pulling the two vaccinations apart is no longer necessary.”

Against the background that, unlike in the previous year, fewer corona rules will apply this winter, Mertens believes that a flu vaccination is urgently needed. “Given that we had a flu outage last season, I would strongly advise that people who are at risk for serious flu should actually get vaccinated right now.” (14.09.2021)


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