Cordalis gets so much money despite Corona

Lucas Cordalis will not move into the jungle camp at the start of the show.Image: TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius

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Before the start of the new jungle camp season, RTL had to cope with several setbacks: First, the broadcaster fired Christin Okpara because of “disagreements about the vaccination status”, a short time later Lucas Cordalis’ corona infection became known. However, while Jasmin Herren will replace Okpara, there will be no replacement for Cordalis. RTL is said to have planned Cosimo Citiolo as a backup, but he also got infected with it Coronavirus.

With Christin Okpara, the circumstances have a clear impact on the fee, and Lucas Cordalis now has to tremble. What exactly the two can expect is reported by the “image“.

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Cordalis may have to accept jungle camp losses

According to RTL, Lucas Cordalis cannot understand where he got infected in the first place, which makes the situation very difficult for all parties. Nevertheless, there will probably be consequences for the fee, because according to “Bild” information, it will be paid to all participants in four installments.

Lucas Cordalis is now in quarantine.

Lucas Cordalis is now in quarantine.picture: lucascordalis/instagram

The first installment is paid to the celebrities after the contract has been signed, the second follows when production begins, which means that they must be present at the location (this time: South Africa). Cordalis already met both conditions before his positive PCR test.

However, he probably wouldn’t get rates three and four (plus a bonus) if he didn’t move into the camp. Only those who actually sit around the campfire and don’t end the show early will receive the full amount. At this point there are still question marks for the singer, because RTL expressly keeps the option open to send Cordalis to the camp as a replacement if he tests negative again in time.

Overall, by the way, a contract for 150,000 euros between the broadcaster and Cordalis jungle camp have been closed, so this would ideally be his full fee. “Bild” puts the said bonus at 10,000 euros to 20,000 euros. According to the current status, however, Cordalis would only collect 40 percent of the agreed sum.

However, RTL may give in again and seek a compromise with the 54-year-old. For example, it would be conceivable that he would compensate for part of the lost fee by participating in other show formats.

Terminated contract with Christin Okpara

The situation with Christin Okpara is far simpler, because the contract with the TV star was terminated, as RTL confirmed to watson. The 25-year-old is suspected of having presented a fake vaccination certificate at Frankfurt Airport, which is why the federal police are now investigating.

According to the “Bild”, RTL intends to refrain from taking legal action of its own, Okpara’s fee, on the other hand, should definitely be gone because of the cancellation of the contract. At most, an expense allowance is possible for her, she has apparently already hired a lawyer.


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