Cookbook for Queen Elizabeth II’s Jubilee: from jam to fish curry

Queen Elizabeth II
The Queen’s Jubilee cookbook: from jam to fish curry

Queen Elizabeth II inspects British Craftwork Company porcelain in the White Drawing Room at Windsor Castle

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70 dishes for 70 years on the throne: Just before the celebrations for the 96-year-old Queen Elizabeth II, a very special book of recipes will be published – with a foreword by Camilla and Charles.

A few weeks before the official celebrations for Queen Elizabeth II’s platinum jubilee, royal fans can already feast on the Queen’s reign. “Seventy years ago, when the Queen ascended the throne, the culinary outlook in the United Kingdom was bleak,” wrote heir to the throne Prince Charles (73) and his wife Camilla (74) in a foreword to the book, which will be published on April 28 target.

“The only takeout option was the ever-faithful fish and chips.” Through the influences of other nations and their cuisine, British cuisine has changed to this day. “We are very grateful.”

The internationality is also reflected in the collection of 70 dishes (“The Platinum Jubilee Cookbook – Recipes and stories from Her Majesty’s representatives around the world”): British embassies and representations from all over the world have contributed their recipes – from Spanish jam from the Embassy in Madrid to green fish curry from the representation in Islamabad.

Food also plays a major role in all royal visits, wrote Camilla and Charles. “We remember some of the dishes, from the British-Malaysian Wellington beef we ate in Kuala Lumpur to the really tasty whiskey pudding we enjoyed in Washington.”

At 70 years on the throne, Elizabeth II (96) is Britain’s longest reigning monarch. Her anniversary is to be celebrated in early June with parades, a church service, a major concert at Buckingham Palace, an extra holiday for Britons and jubilee lunches across the country.


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