Controversial promotion: further proceedings against Cardinal Woelki

Status: 11/23/2022 4:44 p.m

As in the first case, it is about the suspicion of false affidavit in the course of investigations into the appointment of a deputy city dean in 2017.

The public prosecutor said: “There are sufficient factual indications for the existence of a criminal offense.” In 2017, Cardinal Woelki of Cologne appointed a priest as deputy city dean of Düsseldorf.

This had already been noticed in 2001 because of a sexual contact with a prostitute. He was also later accused of allegations of sexual abuse of young people. Woelki only claims to have heard rumors of this.

Secretary testified against Woelki

According to his account, he only claims to have known about the 2001 incident. In a civil case last week, however, a former secretary in the archdiocese stated that Woelki had been extensively informed about the priest and his sexual inclinations for years.

Further investigations are ongoing in Cologne

Similar investigations are underway against Woelki in allegations of abuse against the former and now deceased boss of the carol singers. Here, too, the authorities are investigating because an employee had charged Woelki. Woelki has long been criticized in the Archdiocese of Cologne for dealing with allegations of abuse.


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