Construction work on U3 and U6 at Sendlinger Tor: What to expect from passengers – Munich

It’s a bit slippery on the rails, but in between, on the gravel, you can walk well, explains Franz Weigert, an employee at the Munich Transport Company (MVG), as he climbs into the subway tunnel at Sendlinger Tor. It’s 1:30 a.m. on the night from Sunday to Monday, after the Munich subway has closed: It’s quiet on the tracks towards Goetheplatz – apart from the occasional shouting of security officers with yellow safety vests and flashlights. During the day, a U3 or U6 rolls into the station about every three minutes via the very switch that Franz Weigert is now pointing to with his finger – the Sendlinger Tor stop has been one of Munich’s main transport hubs since it opened in 1971, there are two Platform levels six of the eight subway lines together. “It’s absolutely clear that these switches are gnawing at the ravages of time. The dust has been lying down here since the 1972 Olympic Games,” says Franz Weigert, the team leader of the next MVG construction site, or as the transport company calls it: “Major measure “.

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