Connaught Bar Martini: The recipe for the perfect drink

The last recipe of the year is liquid: This is how the famous “Connaught Bar Martini” succeeds.

Ago Perrone stands concentrated behind the counter and stirs a large glass beaker. Then he does what so many people from all over the world are making a pilgrimage to the “Connaught Bar” in London for: Perrone holds the mug far above his head and lets the contents flow from there in a slow trickle into a standing martini glass. Nothing drips or spills here.

With this performance and preparation, Ago Perrone made the martini cool again as a drink. Thanks to him and his team, the bar of the fine hotel “Connaught” in the even finer district of Mayfair is repeatedly voted among the 50 best bars in the world.

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