Concerts in the district of Ebersberg – Ebersberg

The organ is used at the devotion at market time and at the children’s concert, both in the parish of Vaterstetten.

(Photo: Christian Endt)

Yes, the incidences are high, the intensive care units are full and the rules are accordingly strict, many appointments have already been canceled – but the people in the Ebersberg district do not have to do without culture entirely. Because thanks to new formats and great precautionary measures in face-to-face events, one thing or the other is possible.

Lament and dance

This Thursday, January 13th, there will again be a “musical devotion at market time” in the parish church of Vaterstetten. Stephanie Heimes (violin), Keiko Obai (soprano) and Beatrice Menz-Hermann (piano / organ) will perform works from opera, operetta and salon on the subject of “You turned my complaints into dance”. Biblical texts and viewing pictures on the topic enrich the half-hour “concert devotion”, which begins at 10.15 am. The announcement says: “A warm invitation to everyone to be carried away by the magical atmosphere and to let yourself be carried away from everyday life for a short time.” The 3-G rule, the FFP2 mask requirement and the distance requirement apply.

Biblical story

As part of the “Bach & more” concert series, another children’s concert will take place next Sunday, January 16, at 4 pm in the evangelical Petrikirche Baldham. “The lost son” by Hans Kielblock will be performed, a biblical story in music for children and adults. At this organ concert, young listeners have the opportunity to get to know a biblical story and the instrument organ at the same time in a playful way. The performers are Carolin Schubert, speaker and Matthias Gerstner, organ. Tickets for this children’s concert are available at the box office. Admission is based on the 2-G-Plus rule.

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