Concert – Immerse yourself in Mozart’s emotional world – District of Munich

It is said that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart composed his flute quartets on the first trip he went on without his father. At last he was free, neither his accompanying mother nor his sister could stop him in his enthusiastic exuberance. Because on the trip from Salzburg via Munich and Augsburg to Mannheim and Paris Nannerl “vomited” and the mother was overwhelmed by the travel bug, from which she died shortly afterwards in Paris. Mozart, on the other hand, would have loved to swing himself on the driver’s seat to drive the horses, away from his father, away from Salzburg’s narrowness and misery. And was also unhappily in love. . . His four flute quartets were created in the spirit of these emotions, chamber music, fine and nevertheless intense. Accompanied by the actor and speaker Hans Jürgen Stockerl, the Yume Quartet embarks on a musical search for traces of Mozart’s first journey without paternal supervision on Friday, September 24th, in the “Gastmahl Konzert” series in the Tresor Vinum in Pullach, and explores on the basis of historical ones Letters like the composer’s emotional world based on his music. Admission is from 7 p.m., the concert starts at 8 p.m. Tickets for 37, reduced 33 euros can be reserved directly with the organizer. Further information can be found at


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