Computer: Google launches major offensive for artificial intelligence

Google launches big offensive for artificial intelligence

Google CEO Sundar Pichai. The search engine giant is launching an AI offensive. photo

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AI offensive at Google: The search engine giant wants to present its own chatbot and other applications with artificial intelligence. Behind this is also the rivalry with Microsoft.

With a comprehensive initiative, Google wants to present its applications with artificial intelligence to a broad public. This was announced by CEO Sundar Pichai in a blog entry. With the AI ​​offensive, the search engine giant is reacting to the success of the start-up OpenAI, which has attracted the attention of the tech world in recent weeks with its text robot ChatGPT.

Google’s AI initiative consists of three parts: a chatbot called “Bard”, new AI functions in Google search, and the provision of programming interfaces (APIs) that can be used to develop AI applications.

ChatGPT is also strategically putting pressure on Google to compete with Microsoft. The archrival, which has only had moderate success with its search engine Bing, has invested billions in OpenAI and will integrate the start-up’s software into its successful Azure cloud platform.


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