Comedy: “Carolin Kebekus Show” also wants to deal with the Ukraine war

“Carolin Kebekus Show” also wants to deal with the Ukraine war

The new show by Carolin Kebekus also cooks. Photo: Rolf Vennenbernd/dpa

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This “strange world” can also be met with humor. In any case, Carolin Kebekus is relieved when real life is also reflected in satirical formats.

Carolin Kebekus (41) also wants to deal with the Ukraine war in the new season of her ARD show. “Comedy is an important way to deal with all the reports, especially at a time like this,” said the comedian of the German Press Agency in Cologne.

“But as with all sensitive issues, the punch line has to be particularly good and it has to hit the right people. Comedy isn’t a free pass to just behave like an asshole and step down. If you can do that, laughter can be incredibly liberating.”

In any case, she personally is always relieved when real life is also reflected in satirical formats. “We’re living in this strange world right now, and I can meet it with humor.”

Incidentally, the war is particularly interesting for comedians for another reason: “Who would have thought that the once professional joker Volodymyr Zelenskyj would bravely face the currently most frightening dictator in the world as president?” Apparently there are not only politicians with comedy potential, but also comedians with politician potential.

Corona is also picked up again in the new season of the “Carolin Kebekus Show”. “Of course we would also like Corona to finally be out of the world,” said Kebekus. “Since the virus is still part of our current reality of life and we want to show it in our show, the topic cannot of course be avoided or completely hidden.”

Another permanent theme of the show is the Catholic Church: “Every time I did a piece about the Church, I thought: that’s it now – now I’ve closed the sack,” said Kebekus. “But things happen again every time, especially in the Archdiocese of Cologne, so my fingers are itchy.”

Incidentally, the following applies: “We always choose topics that somehow touch me and that everyone else encounters in everyday life. These include, for example, the discrimination against women when it comes to finances and the question of why society actually discriminates against singles. Another topic will be food waste, i.e. wasting food.” Kebekus invited the chef Nelson Müller to the first show. With him she wants to prepare a delicious meal from expired food.

Other guests are the entertainer Riccardo Simonetti and the presenter Caren Miosga. “And in my first episode comes Bastian Pastewka, with whom I will finally give well-known television tunes the text they actually deserve.”

“The Carolin Kebekus Show” can be seen nine times in a row on Thursday evening at 10:50 p.m. on the first channel from April 28. A further seven editions are planned for autumn 2022. The series is produced by WDR.


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