Column: Summer holidays in winter – district of Munich

Economics Minister Hubert Aiwanger’s idea of ​​moving the Oktoberfest to July must be considered further.

The wife of an old friend had her birthday again three weeks ago on Christmas Eve, a good friend like every year on Christmas Day. And the best, to paraphrase Ephraim Kishon, wife of all, her day of honor always comes on New Year’s Day. On the one hand, this is exhausting, because not only does the wife sag a little the next day because of the preceding New Year’s Eve, but the not-so-great and creative husband needs two totally surprising gifts every year within a week. On the other hand, several events are dealt with in one go.

This is particularly practical in times of a pandemic: You have everything through before the contact restrictions are further tightened, and on top of that you only need one quick test result for several occasions. If you don’t use such windows skilfully, you may have to celebrate your birthday later all by yourself. After all, even in the third Corona year, as soon as it has started, cancellations and postponements start again: For example, the play “Siegfried : Sweat of the Gods and Blood of Heroes” moved to March. Whether the 2-G-plus rule still applies or a 1-G-plus booster – who can say that today?

In view of the imponderables, the Unterhaching volunteer fire brigade has now made the only right decision: after their 150th anniversary celebrations planned for 2020 have already been canceled twice and nothing is likely to happen this year either, the otherwise fearless men and women have given up. Now they don’t want to celebrate until 2025 – then the fire brigade will be 155 years old and Corona, one hopes at the Unterhaching fire brigade, will finally have lost its terror.

Hubert Aiwanger, the economics minister who was vaccinated late, takes a different approach: he is in favor of pre-celebrating festivals. Not a bad idea, even if his proposal to bring the Munich Oktoberfest forward to the low-infection summer ran out of air as quickly as a balloon with a hole. Why not celebrate the Oktoberfest in July, if it doesn’t usually take place in October anyway? It’s like birthday on Christmas. You should think this through to the end and move New Year’s Eve or Carnival to seasons, since from an epidemiological point of view more than ten people can meet safely. And Christmas in the spirit of Gunter Gabriel (“Hey Boss, I need more money”) on Easter. Jesus wasn’t born at the end of December anyway. Then August and September could also be used for school lessons, when ventilation is easier. The big holidays then fall in autumn and winter – but so what? Aiwanger will have an idea.

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