colors to adopt in the kitchen

Trendy Kitchen Colors
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Kitchen trend 2024: colors full of charm

This year, the kitchen comes in soothing colors, preferably drawn from nature.

Tender Greens Tender Greens
© Aviva Kitchen

In 2024, we are witnessing the great return of the most delicate shades of green such as sage green or cetadon green. We associate these delicate greens with light wood in Scandinavian cuisine, and with rougher wood in chic country kitchens.

A Deaf Blue A Deaf Blue
© Superfront

The peaceful color par excellence, blue is the other must-have for 2024 in the kitchen. From pastel blue to a more intense blue, we love muted shades with a slight hint of gray, which gives them more softness. To give them more character, we have fun combining them with a raw mineral material such as concrete or marble.

Sky Blue Sky Blue
© Lapeyre

For a look that is just as serene, but brighter, we love the sky blue kitchen. To break up its very demure character and give it a more contemporary look, we add a touch of stronger color: forest green or camel, for example.

A Touch of Nude A Touch of Nude
© Nobilia

Team warm colors? Fall for nude – daring intense shades that flirt with the terracotta color.

Pastel Yellow Pastel Yellow
© Plum

Is yellow cuisine still relevant? Undoubtedly, if we adopt pastel yellow – the shade that will brighten up our interiors this year!

Coral, Plum Coral, Plum
© Noblessa

Make no mistake: in 2024, sophisticated cuisine that features deep tones has not yet bowed out! To adopt it, you can adopt the wise version, focusing on a deep green. Unless you play the bold card by going for the plum color combined with a coral color.

Kitchen trend 2024: softness and sobriety

If color is not completely absent from the kitchen in 2024, it is indeed neutrals that are on the rise.

A Broken White A Broken White
© Superfront

In 2024, the white kitchen will take center stage again with its nuances. To adopt it, we favor a subtly off-white. For example, we love the linen color or a flour white.

A Pure White Combined With Wood A Pure White Combined With Wood
© Veneta

Pure white remains in the race. We make it our ally to enhance a trendy material such as wood or marble.

Gray In All These States Gray In All These States
© Nobilia

Dove gray, pearl gray, taupe gray or pepper gray: in 2024, gray comes in an impressive palette of shades in the kitchen. And for those who are undecided, no worries! Rather, we combine two to three shades together. We even take the opportunity to vary the textures and finishes.

Brown As An Accent Color Brown As An Accent Color
© Superfront

Sober, elegant and cozy, brown is already one of the colors to adopt this fall. And in 2024, we find it in the kitchen, or we use it as an accent color to give depth to a shade of white or light gray. For an ultra-cozy look, combine it with linen color.

Materials: complements or alternatives to color?

The kitchen island is establishing itself as an essential element of the 2024 kitchen. In terms of furniture, the trend is for fronts without handles. To avoid an impression of heaviness, or even boredom, we first play with color. We also pay the greatest attention to the choice of materials.

The 2024 version of the kitchen is therefore characterized by a careful composition. And if materials are often the perfect complement to color, they are not afraid to outdo it!

Two Colors, Two Materials Two Colors, Two Materials
© Superfront

In recent years, we have seen the successive success of two-tone cuisine and two-material cuisine. In 2024, these two trends are about to merge. We have fun combining two materials AND two colors. For example, combine melamine elements chosen in two different colors with wooden or concrete effect elements.

When Materials Steal the Show from Color When Materials Steal the Show from Color
© Perene

Wood, marble or concrete: raw materials are more relevant than ever, and we don’t hesitate to combine them in furniture. The island is thus dressed in wood and marble, and the color is only there as an accent, in order to enhance them.

The 100� Wood Kitchen The 100� Wood Kitchen
© Conforama

Still great, the 100% wood kitchen. The total look is an option, but to give it more character, it is smart to combine two species.

Scandinavian Inspired Wood Scandinavian Inspired Wood
© Nobilia

We will have understood: wood remains one of the big stars of the 2024 kitchen. To spruce up the Nordic-inspired kitchen, we forget about uniform wood, and we focus on a 3D effect by adopting cleats.

Natural Stone Natural Stone
© Poggenpohl

Although marble remains very prominent in the kitchen in 2024, it faces serious competition from natural stone, which appears in small touches on the splashback or the worktop, or which completely covers the island or furniture.

Textures Textures
© Novy

Polished concrete for an urban touch or lime paint for a natural or ethnic spirit: to enhance the kitchen, we also think about paying attention to textures.

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