Colombia: Four children rescued from rainforest – family overwhelmed

Four children rescued from rainforest – family overwhelmed

Soldiers and indigenous men take care of the four siblings. photo

© Uncredited/Colombia’s Armed Forces Press Office/AP/dpa

There is a happy ending in the almost unbelievable story of the missing children in the Colombian rainforest: 40 days after the plane crash, the four siblings were found alive.

Overwhelmed and full of joy, relatives reacted to the rescue of the four children, who were found alive in the Colombian rainforest 40 days after their plane crash. He feels very happy and grateful, said the grandfather of the four siblings, Narciso Mucutuy, in a moved voice to a reporter from the Caracol station on Friday (local time).

Words were not enough to thank those who had helped them find the children, he added, referring to state forces and helpers from indigenous communities in the region. In the early evening, the grandparents received information from the armed forces that the grandchildren, aged 13, 9 and 4 and one year old, had been found and were “healthy and safe,” Mucutuy said. “I just want to see her now.”

According to the broadcaster, the children’s grandparents and an uncle were in a hotel in Villavicencio in the south of the country outside the Guaviare jungle area where the children were found alive on Friday afternoon. According to the aviation authority, the children have already been taken to the military hospital in the capital, Bogotá, for a medical examination.


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