College or high school student, have you been devouring books since the start of the health crisis? Tell us !

Some young people read a lot more since the health crisis. – Pixabay

Do you prefer fantasy, science fiction, heroic-fantasy, detective novels or classics? Are you looking for the latest manga or the novelties of the comic book section? Since the start of the coronavirus crisis, some middle school and high school students have discovered a passion for reading. It must be said that the confinements and the curfew were a good breeding ground.

Others already liked to leaf through books or devour their digital version, but spending more time at home made them even more likely to do so. And in this period of confinement for many departments, they will be able to satisfy this passion. Because bookstores are this time considered as essential businesses. And the libraries are always open.

If you are a junior or high school student, tell us how this click came about for reading since the start of the health crisis. How many hours do you devote to it per week? What do you read ? How do you choose your books? How do you stock up (purchases, library loans, exchanges with friends, etc.)? How much pleasure does it give you? What lessons do you draw from your recent readings?

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